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Microsoft speed dating


Microsoft is playing the role of Microsoft speed dating, and it's all part of the company's Linc program, which began in with local OEMs in China and Taiwan and is now expanding internationally. Microsoft has arranged the meetings based on the specifics of its OEMs' product roadmaps and the business needs of its ODMs. Ann Marie Rockwell, general manager of Microsoft's local OEM business, describes these as intense buying Microsoft speed dating where details on quantities, pricing and specific needs are Microsoft speed dating hammered out.

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These are truly business meetings that we facilitate in the hope that local OEMs get the prices they're looking for," Microsoft speed dating Rockwell.

The meetings began Tuesday and have already resulted in aroundPCs in the pipeline. By week's end Microsoft expects to have facilitated betweento one million units of pipeline, according to Rockwell. Microsoft works with three distinct tiers of ODM: The first tier includes Foxconn, with which Microsoft works on a specific product basis.

The second tier includes Microsoft speed dating that Microsoft speed dating made their Microsoft speed dating working with channel partners, with examples being ECS, Pegatron, Microsoft speed dating several other southern China-based ODMs.

Microsoft has pulled in other third parties like RSI, a multinational firm that handles hardware servicing, said Rockwell. Bringing local OEMs together to develop collective orders and aggregated order processing can address the size problem, Rockwell said. As would be expected in such a diverse international business gathering, language barriers do emerge, but Microsoft assigns its regional account managers to handle translation.

In the future Microsoft will likely focus its Linc efforts more on vertical segments where opportunity abounds for local accounts, Rockwell says.

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