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A new Viking ship burial has been discovered in Norway. The digital visualization reveals a large, possibly well-preserved ship, 20 meters long. And it appears to be embedded in a complex of at least eight other burial mounds, and underneath that lay five longhouses.

This is not just one find, but a treasure trove of finds. But back to the ship. Only three well-preserved Viking ships have been found previously in Norway. And they were all excavated long ago, with the techniques available at the time. That makes this find precious: As of right now, no excavations are planned. Archaeologists are concerned about what exposure to Native american dating pictures tumblr quotes air could do to the site. There is evidence of hypnosis, or something very close to it, nearly 5, years ago in ancient Egypt.

This little limestone pipe recently had a big impact: The carved limestone pipe was found in the s near the Flint River in Alabama, but had been in storage at the Alabama State Repository until a recent team of chemists and archaeologists, working with the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians, came looking for Native american dating pictures tumblr quotes as part of their work examining ancient Native American pipes with modern techniques.

And boy did they Native american dating pictures tumblr quotes the jackpot with this one. Tobacco plants were first domesticated in South America, and their introduction to North American native communities was not believed to have happened until around 2, to 3, years ago. This new finding indicates that tobacco use was established much earlier than previously thought in Native american dating pictures tumblr quotes what is today the southeastern United States.

Atmospheric perspective, also called aerial perspective, describes when artists create the illusion of distance by making far-away parts of a painting lighter, bluer, and with fewer details then close objects which appear brighter and sharper.

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This works because when light passes through the atmosphere, moisture and tiny particles of dust cause the light to scatter and, because the blue light of short wavelengths scatters most, far colors appear Native american dating pictures tumblr quotes. Although Chinese artists did not use linear perspective until the s, they used atmospheric perspective from the s CE! Wine Native american dating pictures tumblr quotes, which were used as latrines in the late s, have been discovered in central Copenhagen.

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Analyzing them can provide detailed insights into what Danes at the time were eating and drinking, as well as evidence about health problems they may have been experiencing. Using a variety of modern techniques, archaeologists have identified a number of local foods including fish, meats, a number of grains, cherries, coriander, lettuce, mustard, and hazelnuts.

Put together, Native american dating pictures tumblr quotes scientific evidence suggests that Danes were eating a varied and healthy diet of local products. Unfortunately, their hygiene could Native american dating pictures tumblr quotes been better.

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The latrines contained evidence of whipworm, roundworm, and Native american dating pictures tumblr quotes, and specifically of varieties that are known to infect people.

Either the owners did not wash their hands often enough, or they did not cook their food properly. The natural result was parasites. It was truly created, that is to say, built by men.

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His father was Piero da Vinci, a Native american dating pictures tumblr quotes Florentine notary. His mother was likely a young peasant woman named Catarina.

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Which is just as well — the world is richer for Leonardo getting the chance to try everything he wished, advancing so many fields in the process. Scientists recently discovered that a Brazilian indigenous peoples cultivated and spread a plant, specifically so they could use it wherever they migrated to.

It can be traced back to Middle English, around the year CE, along with turd and arse. Making it one of the true Anglo-Saxon words left in Native american dating pictures tumblr quotes. The word probably originated much earlier than it can be traced. Because, well, swear words tend not to get written down. They Native american dating pictures tumblr quotes spoken, slang words.

Sun Hao was Native american dating pictures tumblr quotes at administration, cruel, and generally unfit to rule a Native american dating pictures tumblr quotes. Among other vices he was often drunk and, like many heavy drinkers, liked others to get drunk with him too. At one banquet, Sun Hao became angry because one of his counselors pretended to be drunker than he was.

Sun Hao became so angry that had the poor man beheaded on the spot. Sun Hao then ordered his guards to toss the head from one man to the next, each taking a bite until the flesh was stripped down to the skull. A shopping list dating back to the s has been found in a West Yorkshire archive.

It was made to be given to an apothecary, who would collect the requested items and deliver them to Temple Newsam house near Leeds.

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Ancient Egyptians Invented Hyponosis? Keep up the good work!!! Did you know Leonardo da Vinci was illegitimate? A tuber A flower A tree An herb. It initially meant, very specifically, diarrhea in cattle. Who Were The Mitanni? An ancient empire you probably have never heard of.

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