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Dating a merchant mariner


A sailorseamanmarineror seafarer is a person who navigates waterborne vessels or assists as a crewmember in their operation and maintenance. Dating a merchant mariner term bluejacket may be used for British or US Navy enlisted sailors, the latter especially when deployed ashore as infantry. Etymologically, the Dating a merchant mariner "sailor" preserves the memory of the time when ships were commonly powered by sailsbut it applies to the personnel of all vessels, whatever their mode of propulsion, and includes military naval and security coast guard maritime personnel and members of the merchant marineas well as recreational sailors.

The term " seaman " is frequently used in the particular sense of a sailor who is not an officer. Seafarers hold a variety of professions and ranks, each of which carries unique responsibilities which are integral to the successful operation of an ocean-going vessel.

A ship's crew can generally be divided into four main categories: Officer positions in the deck department include but are not limited to: The official classifications for unlicensed members of the deck department are able seaman and ordinary seaman.

With some variation, the chief mate is most often Dating a merchant mariner with the duties of cargo mate. Second Mates are charged with being the medical officer in case of medical emergency. All three mates Dating a merchant mariner do four-hour morning and afternoon shifts on the bridge, when underway at sea. A ship's engineering department consists of the members of a ship's crew that operates and maintains the propulsion and other systems on board the vessel.

Marine engineering staff also deal with the "hotel" facilities on board, notably the sewagelighting, air conditioning and water systems. Engineering staff manage bulk fuel transfers, from a fuel-supply barge in port. When underway at sea, the second and third engineers will often be occupied with oil transfers from storage tanks, to active working tanks. Cleaning of oil purifiers is another regular task.

Engineering staff are required to have training in firefighting and first aid. Additional duties include maintaining the ship's boats and performing other nautical tasks. USA ships also carry a qualified member of the engine department.

Other possible positions include motorman, machinistelectricianrefrigeration engineer and tankerman. A typical steward's department for a cargo ship is a chief stewarda chief cook and a steward's assistant. All three positions are typically filled by unlicensed Dating a merchant mariner. The chief steward directs, instructs, and assigns personnel performing Dating a merchant mariner functions as preparing and serving meals; cleaning and maintaining officers' quarters and steward department areas; and receiving, Dating a merchant mariner, and inventorying stores.

The chief steward also plans menus; compiles supply, overtime, and cost control records. The steward may requisition or purchase stores and equipment. Galley roles may include baking. A chief steward's duties may overlap with those of the steward's assistantthe chief cookand other Steward's department crewmembers.

All chief cooks who sail internationally are similarly documented by their respective countries because of international conventions and agreements. The only time that steward department staff are charged with Dating a merchant mariner outside the steward department, Dating a merchant mariner during the execution of the fire and boat drill.

Various types of staff officer positions may exist on board a ship, including junior assistant purser, senior assistant purser, purserchief purser, medical doctorDating a merchant mariner nursemarine physician assistant and hospital Dating a merchant mariner. These Dating a merchant mariner [3] are considered administrative positions Dating a merchant mariner are therefore regulated by Certificates of Registry issued by the United Dating a merchant mariner Coast Guard.

Pilots are also merchant marine officers and are licensed by the Coast Guard. Mariners spend extended periods at Dating a merchant mariner. Most deep-sea mariners are hired for one or more voyages that last for several months. There is Dating a merchant mariner job security after that.

The length of time between voyages varies by job availability and personal preference. The rate of unionization for these workers in the United States Dating a merchant mariner about 36 percent, much higher than the average for all occupations. Consequently, merchant marine officers and seamen, both veterans and beginners, are hired for voyages through union hiring halls or directly by shipping companies.

Hiring halls fill jobs by the length of time the person has Dating a merchant mariner registered at the hall and by their union seniority. Hiring halls typically are found in major seaports. At sea, on larger vessels members of the deck department usually stand watch for 4 hours and are off for 8 hours, Dating a merchant mariner days a week. Mariners work in all weather conditions. Working in damp and cold conditions often is inevitable, although ships try to avoid severe storms while at sea.

It is uncommon for modern vessels to suffer disasters such as fire, explosion, or a sinking. Yet Dating a merchant mariner face the possibility of having to abandon ship on short notice if it collides with other vessels or runs aground.

Mariners also risk injury or death from falling overboard and from hazards associated with working with machinery, heavy loads, and dangerous cargo. However, modern safety management procedures, advanced emergency communications, and effective international rescue systems place modern mariners in a much safer position.

Most newer vessels are air conditioned, soundproofed from noisy machinery, and equipped with comfortable living quarters. These amenities have helped ease the sometimes difficult circumstances of long periods away from home.

Also, modern communications; email, instant messaging and social media platforms etc. Nevertheless, some mariners dislike the long periods away from home and the confinement aboard ship.

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They consequently leave the profession. Professional mariners live on the margins of society, with much of their life spent beyond the reach of land. They face cramped, stark, noisy, and dangerous conditions at sea.

A sailor, seaman, mariner, or...

Yet men and women still go to sea. For some, the attraction is a life unencumbered with the restraints of life ashore. Seagoing adventure and a chance to see the world also appeal to many seafarers. Whatever the calling, those who live and work at sea invariably confront social isolation. Findings Dating a merchant mariner the Seafarer's International Research Center indicate a leading cause of mariners leaving the industry is "almost invariably because they want to be with their families".

Industry experts increasingly recognize isolation, stress, and fatigue as occupational hazards. Advocacy groups such as Dating a merchant mariner Labor Organization, a United Nations agency, and the Nautical Institute seek improved international standards for mariners. However, some seamen secure jobs on ships they like and stay aboard for years. Dating a merchant mariner rare cases, veteran mariners choose never to go ashore when in port. Further, the quick turnaround of many modern ships, spending only a matter of hours Dating a merchant mariner port, limits a seafarer's free-time ashore.

Moreover, some Dating a merchant mariner entering U. However, shore leave restrictions while in U. Further, in cases where transit is allowed, special "security fees" are at times assessed.

Such restrictions on shore leave coupled with reduced time in port by many ships translate into longer periods at sea. Mariners report that extended periods at sea living and working with shipmates who for the most part are strangers takes getting used to. At the same time, there is an opportunity to meet people from a wide range of ethnic and cultural backgrounds. Recreational Dating a merchant mariner have improved aboard some U. And in some cases, especially tankers, it is made possible for a mariner to be accompanied by members of his family.

Internet accessibility is fast coming to the sea with the advent of cheap satellite communication, mainly from Inmarsat. The availability of affordable roaming sim cards with online top-up facilities have also contributed to improved connection with friends and family at home. Erik the Red and his son Leif Erikson were the first notable mariners known to sail in a primitive, Dating a merchant mariner man powered vessel across the Arctic and the North Atlantic Ocean.

Barbarossa Hayrettin Pasha Turkish: Merchant seamen Dating a merchant mariner gone on to make their mark on the world in a number of interesting ways.

Arthur Phillip joined the Merchant Navy in and 37 years later founded the city of Sydney, Australia. Merchant mariner Douglass North went from seaman to navigator to winner of the Nobel Dating a merchant mariner in Economics.

Canadian merchant seamen have won the Victoria Cross and the Medal of Honor. Since World War II, a number of merchant seamen have become notorious criminals. George Hennard was an American mass murderer who claimed 24 victims on a rampage at Luby's Cafeteria in Killeen, Dating a merchant mariner. Mariners are well represented in Dating a merchant mariner visual arts. French pilot's assistant Paul Gauguin later became a leading post-impressionist painter and pioneered modern art's synthetist style.

American seaman Haskell Wexler later won two Academy Awardsthe latter for a biography of his shipmate Woody Guthrie. Merchant seaman Johnny Craig was already a working comic book Dating a merchant mariner before he joined up, but Ernie Schroeder wouldn't start drawing comics until after returning home from World War II.

Merchant sailors have also made a splash Dating a merchant mariner the world of sport. In track and field, American seamen Cornelius Johnson and Jim Thorpe both won Olympic medals, though Thorpe didn't get his until 30 years after his death.

Seamen Jim Bagby, Jr. Drew Bundini Brown was Muhammad Ali's Dating a merchant mariner trainer and cornerman, and Joe Gold went on to make his fortune as the bodybuilding and fitness guru of Gold's Gym. Other sporting Dating a merchant mariner include Dating a merchant mariner Henk de Velde known for sailing solo around the world, and Briton Matthew Webb who was the first person to swim the English Channel without the use of artificial aid.

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Out of sight the Seafarers' Indistinguishability Documents Convention, Regular, countries with a Merchant Navy or Merchant Marine be lacking identifying credentials in favour of their mariners.

An Ordinary Seaman Certificate is a just certification to relate a job as an Ordinary Seaman , a rating in a wholesaler ship 's deck department. It consists mostly of of identity Unfashionable, proof of some minimal health perchance including a stimulant test and some minimal age, and the standards defined under Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping for Seafarers STCW.

The describe is about the size of a passport , and contains the sailor's information regarding phase of birth, the location of scions, nationality, and the shipboard duties he or she is qualified for. Crewmen on any receptacle over gross tons are required to have one not later than United States law.

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Dating a merchant mariner

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