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Okcupid dating persona results gym


OkCupid determines match rankings between its users by asking them a series of questions, Okcupid dating persona results gym determining how they answer. These questions are randomly assigned, and can be answered whenever the user feels like it. The user can select a single answer for themselves, and multiple answers that he or she would be okay with potential matches picking.

The user can also choose to add a brief personal comment to an Okcupid dating persona results gym question. Chris has answered hundreds of questions over the years on his various Okcupid dating persona results gym. Due to the tireless efforts of Clyde Cash we have obtained archives of many of Chris's answers submitted for his second OkCupid profile in Okcupid dating persona results gym As is the norm with Chris, the answers range from completely Honestto untrue things that he genuinely believesto complete lies that he thinks girls want to hear.

Chris's personal answers are underlinedand answers he would like girls to pick are in green. There is considerable overlap between the two. Which of the following is the more appropriate penalty for rape?

How important is it for you to make physical contact when showing affection for someone? If you were going to have a childwould you want the other parent to be of the same ethnicity as you?

If you were in a long term relationship and your partner gained weight due to something like surgery recovery or childbirth, Okcupid dating persona results gym you think less of them as a person? If you were in a serious relationship, would you mind if your significant other maintained an active profile on OkCupid? How do you react? If you were in a long-term monogamous relationship, would you consider your partner "open mouth" Okcupid dating persona results gym someone else cheating?

Your significant other is traveling and has the Okcupid dating persona results gym to stay with a good friend that you know they find to be very attractive. What's your stance on the situation? Five years later, you realize it was a mistake. Discussion and counseling haven't made a difference.

You just don't love your partner anymore. How important is it to you to have your own unique "thing" like a weekly Girls' Night Out or Guys' Movie Night that you don't share with your partner s? Would you consider connecting with someone whose relationship status is 'seeing someone' or 'married'? Okcupid dating persona results gym it a requirement that you communicate with your significant other daily, in some way phone, email, in person, etc.

Which of these options most closely describes what you're looking for in your Okcupid dating persona results gym relationship? What do you do? Straight women who kiss or fondle each other in clubs in the hopes of attracting men are How would you feel if your partner asked you to get tested for STDs before having sex with you for the first time?

You're in a romantic relationship with someone you really like. As far as you're concerned, how long will it take before you'll have sex? Which best represents your opinion of same-sex relationships? Would you ever change your religion or adopt one because your significant other wanted you to? If your best friend began talking of suicide and asked you not to tell anyone, would you be willing to honor their request? When a woman chooses to abort a pregnancy, should she Okcupid dating persona results gym required to inform the father?

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If it comes to having children, would you Okcupid dating persona results gym to adopt or to be one of the biological parents? Would you ever consider adopting a child Okcupid dating persona results gym being artificially inseminated on your own if you gave up on finding a life partner?

Mathematician Chris McKinlay hacked OKCupid...

If you were to die, would whoever goes through your personal belongings be shocked by what they find? Does finding a long-term partner give you license to "let yourself go," lower your standards of personal hygiene or appearance or gain large amounts of weight?

Do you ever feel the need to get really drunk? How often are you open with your feelings? Okcupid dating persona results gym you keep a budget of your finances? Without using a dictionary or other tool, can you choose the commonly misspelled word?

It's okay if you don't know. Do you have a problem with racist jokes? Do you and your ideal significant other enjoy making sarcastic jokes at each other's expense, knowing that it's all in good fun? What is your back-up plan if you can't find a date on a Friday night? In mid, Chris provided new answers to hundreds of questions on his LevelUpKing profile.

In the table below, Chris's Okcupid dating persona results gym are marked with an underline. Action games to be more specific; sports games vary to me motion control on Playstation or Wii are good. But I would be honest of lack of interest, or give a chance for better decision obese doesn't count.

A collection of OkCupid profile...

Desperate times call for desperate measures; I feel pity for those that are so poor that they have to. The Okcupid dating persona results gym being hate campaigns fabricated by Internet Trolls, Cyber-Bullies and corrupted police people a. Wrongfully; I was found innocent, but the one overnight in the cell was emotionally scarring.

The charge was minor and was dropped. If a Hermaphrodite, I would raise it to be male regardless since it would not have any Okcupid dating persona results gym anyway. Plus big bonus for him in sex with all women lesbians included I would imagine. It depends on which of good or bad people you've been more exposed towards, and your own shyness or aggressive response.

Okcupid dating persona results gym really loathe those corrupted Jerkops!!! My internal clock has been out of order for a long while, and would be appreciated towards realignment towards a day schedule. I like doing good when I can. My late father appears often in my dreams. My self esteem has been low for a long while. I Really Loathe the damn, corrupted Jerkops!!! I would cross dress more often if my mother was not against me doing it panties and bra included, but wear them anyway.

As long as she was born female and was still female or a tomboy. You talk some TV? Specifically, my own Sonichu and Rosechu characters Okcupid dating persona results gym my city of Cwcville. The Trolls have tricked and blackmailed me into doing out-of-my-character deeds I am Okcupid dating persona results gym at all proud of, and I would like to feel a Lot Less Stress from them if I can forget them.

In lateafter Chris came out as a "lesbian identified male," he answered over more questions. An incomplete sample is provided here. As in the previous table, Chris's answers are marked with an underline. You would be an idiot for thinking the two Okcupid dating persona results gym be the same.

I do not believe it as an inevitable, but I do feel an open relationship is healthy for the happiness of my woman partner, especially if she feels need to take a break from me for a while, or if I am unable to please her at the time. As long as we were mutually honest with each other. I would still be loyal and supportive to her. I sincerely wish it was not acceptable for Men to be topless in the first place.

Not ideally, my internal biological clock is fickle. It tasted like chicken grilled. Punish the damned corrupted Okcupid dating persona results gym As long as the person has the right parts for their half of the reproduction.

If you haven't been in...

The higher force Okcupid dating persona results gym with everyone's headsand we all have Random Access Memory in our Biological Computers, so it can pop up even at random. My relationship would be open, and I would want her to be happy, as long Okcupid dating persona results gym she was honest with me. It takes a lot of that something true, honest, caring and special to Okcupid dating persona results gym me around and keep me happy more often.

That's talking about Males hugging me; I would feel bothered if a male hugged me. The CWCki needs help! Please consider clicking the tugboat to make a donation.

Retrieved from " http: Navigation menu Personal tools Log in. Views Read View source View history. This page was last edited on 23 Septemberat Content is available under Public Domain unless otherwise noted. No, it is unhealthy. No, it is against my beliefs. No, it is both unhealthy Okcupid dating persona results gym against my beliefs.

No, I expect others to speak my native language. Imagine you are having sex with a partner, who begins to give you specific instructions on how to best provide satisfaction.

Would you strongly prefer to...

Assuming there is no danger, would you follow these instructions? That would be the end of that encounter. I'd continue doing it my way.

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