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To characterize the trends, distribution, potential determinants, and public health Carrie 2 1999 latino dating of meat consumption within the United States. Overall meat consumption has Carrie 2 1999 latino dating to rise in the U.

Despite a shift toward higher poultry consumption, red meat still represents the largest proportion of meat consumed in the U.

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Twenty-two percent of the meat consumed in the U. The type and quantities of meat reported varied by education, race, age, and gender. Given the plausible epidemiologic evidence Carrie 2 1999 latino dating red and processed meat intake in cancer and chronic Carrie 2 1999 latino dating risk, understanding the trends and determinants of meat consumption in the U.

Meat intake varies widely throughout the world. The demand for meat Carrie 2 1999 latino dating developing countries continues to grow as the production and consumption of meat increases with available income 45. A shift toward a dietary pattern characterized by high meat consumption also appears to supplant the consumption of cereals and other foods of plant origin 167. Early ecologic comparisons provided Carrie 2 1999 latino dating first indication that high meat consumption correlated with higher rates of chronic disease 89including cardiovascular disease CVD and cancer, the current leading causes of morbidity and mortality in the U.

Health risks associated with meat consumption vary based on the animal the meat is derived from, as well as rearing, processing, and preparation methods. Components of meat linked to chronic disease risk include fat Carrie 2 1999 latino dating, particularly saturated fat in red meat, and dietary cholesterol 11 Meat can also be a source of several known mutagens, including N -nitroso compounds NOCs in processed meats, and heterocyclic amines HCAs and polycyclic aromatic Carrie 2 1999 latino dating PAHs formed during high-temperature cooking and grilling Intake of fat and meat, primarily from red meat, has been of public health concern since the late s when the American Heart Association first recommended that dietary cholesterol, saturated fat, and total fat be reduced for the prevention of CVD 1214 ; and to date, numerous Carrie 2 1999 latino dating studies have investigated meat intake and cancer risk 15 — Smoked or grilled charred meat was also associated with higher risk of Carrie 2 1999 latino dating cancer Ina large U.

Based on the evidence to date, current dietary recommendations for the prevention of diet-related chronic diseases 1821 — 23suggest to limit intake of red and processed meat and to eat mostly foods of plant origin.

This report describes the trends, distribution, and potential determinants of meat consumption Carrie 2 1999 latino dating the U. Further discussion addresses recent epidemiologic evidence for meat intake and chronic disease risk, and impending public health concerns.

FAO and USDA databases provide historical and chronological population-based production and disappearance data referred to as food availability or consumption. We compared temporal trends in U. This data captures per capita meat consumption based on data submitted by member countries in response Carrie 2 1999 latino dating standard questionnaires and supplemented by reviews of national sources and staff Carrie 2 1999 latino dating or imputations to cover critical gaps 5.

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The FAO classifies total meat excluding fish as the sum of beef, poultry, pork, sheep, goat and other game. Data from were revisited, resulting in changes in the historical data.

The methodology for the estimation of food balance sheets were also revised in FAOSTAT, including new aggregation techniques for the conversion of transformed Carrie 2 1999 latino dating into primary equivalents To look at U. The ERS food data system reflects the food availability per capita on an annual basis from through at the national Carrie 2 1999 latino dating and serves as a Carrie 2 1999 latino dating 2 1999 latino dating proxy for actual consumption.

Carrie 2 1999 latino dating data represents the boneless, trimmed edible weight of fresh meat. Loss-adjusted data removal of non-edible food parts and food lost through spoilage, plate waste, and other losses in the home and marketing system were only available beginning from While both adjusted and unadjusted data were examined, only unadjusted values from the more comprehensive time period are presented to better characterize long-term trends.

Red meat commodities included beef, veal, pork, lamb, and mutton. Poultry commodities included turkey and chicken. Fish and shellfish included fresh and frozen, canned, and cured products.

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Figures were calculated on the basis of raw and Carrie 2 1999 latino dating meats, which exclude edible offal, bones, and viscera for red meat and Carrie 2 1999 latino dating products, but included skin, neck, and giblets for Carrie 2 1999 latino dating. Consumption of game meats or fishery products and use of chicken for commercially-prepared pet food were also excluded The dietary portion was designed to provide nationally representative estimates of food intake in adults and children civilian, non-institutionalized populationand to track changes in health and nutritional status over time.

A single hour dietary recall from all respondents age 2 and older with reliable dietary data was included and appropriate weighting factors were applied to adjust for differential probabilities of selection and non-response. Additional information on the survey designs, data collection protocols, weighting procedures, and response rates are described elsewhere Meat intake reported in the hour dietary recall is converted to the equivalent number of cup or ounce-equivalents servings after disaggregating mixtures and discretionary fats.

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Allowable fat in the meat group includes that present in lean cuts of meat trimmed of all fat and poultry without skin. Cooked lean meat ounce-equivalents servings were defined as no more than 9. We used the following food group variables from the database: The poultry group was composed of mainly chicken and turkey. Total fish was the sum of both high and low omega-3 fish and shellfish.

To generate a total red meat variable we included red meat beef, pork, veal, lamb, game from meat, as well as the appropriate components of processed meat and organ meats, based on the recipe files for each of the food items in these food categories. Similarly, a total white meat variable was generated from poultry and processed or organ components from each of these groups. Total meat was the sum of fresh not processed red and white meat, plus cured meat, such as bacon and ham, as well Carrie 2 1999 latino dating organ meats and fish.

Soy products were excluded. Processed meat, by MPED definition 29included frankfurters, sausage, and luncheon meats made from meat or poultrybut did not Carrie 2 1999 latino dating cured meats, such as ham or bacon. We used SUDAAN to generate weighted means and standard errors for each meat item red meat, poultry, fish, and processed meat; grams per day. According to international FAO data, total meat consumption excluding fish in the U. As early astotal meat consumption in the U.

From tototal meat consumption continued to increase in all regions: There appeared to be a slight decrease and plateau through the s in the developed world, followed by an increase through Consumption in the E. Overall, meat consumption appears to be on the rise in the developed world as whole, but remains considerably lower than in the U.

Total meat consumption in the U. Looking in more detail at U. The lowest meat consumption occurred in the s and the highest meat consumption was reached during the most recent decade. Further examination attributes much of the Carrie 2 1999 latino dating to a rise in poultry consumption beginning in the s and continuing to escalate through recent decades to make Carrie 2 1999 latino dating a high proportion of the total meat consumed in the U.

Red meat consumption appears to have decreased over the last few decades beginning in the s, but still remains the highest contributor to total meat consumption. In contrast, fish consumption has remained low and stable over the past century. Total meat, red meat, poultry, and fish consumption in the U. The same data adjusted for loss, but only available fromis comparable to the trends shown in Figure 2 with a marked increase in poultry consumption, a slight decrease in Carrie 2 1999 latino dating meat consumption, and an overall trend for increasing meat consumption.

Percent intake of different types of meat in U. A Distribution of meat types that contribute to total meat intake. B Percentage of total meat that is processed. Table 1 describes U.

Aug 26, The Rage: Carrie...

With the exception of fish, peak meat consumption occurred in adults aged 20 through 49, particularly for red meat Whites, Blacks, and Hispanics all reported similar intakes of red meat. Blacks consumed the highest amount of poultry Poultry and fish consumption appeared to increase with education level.

Results from — and — were not notably Carrie 2 1999 latino dating from the — results presented here. Across the —, —, — surveys, red meat intake appeared to decrease slightly, while poultry intake appeared to increase slightly data not shown Carrie 2 1999 latino dating, which is in agreement with the data from the USDA Figure 2.

Food availability data indicate that overall meat consumption is on the rise in the developed nations of the world and that the U. Despite a shift toward increased poultry consumption, red meat still represents the largest proportion of meat consumed in the U. Meat selection and consumption behaviors appeared to vary by education, race, age, and gender.

Despite near record-high per capita consumption of total meat in recent years, the proportion of fat, particularly saturated fat, in the U. Public health and consumer concerns regarding fat and cholesterol in the late s led to greater demand for lean meat and poultry, increased trimming of visible fat on meat at the retail level, and consumer substitution of poultry for red meat 30 Reports on fat consumption trends in the U.

Previous reports have shown that consumer's knowledge and awareness of diet and health may affect the proportion of red versus white meat consumed both at home and away from home Chronological USDA data suggest that although poultry consumption has increased, red meat consumption has decreased comparably little, leaving total meat on the rise. The affordability of meat in the U.

While vertical integration in U. During the period tobeef was a close second to yeast bread Carrie 2 1999 latino dating the leading source of energy in U.

Meat consumption, production, and trade Carrie 2 1999 latino dating are also subject to temporary fluctuations due to food-safety issues. Although on a national-level the Carrie 2 1999 latino Carrie 2 1999 latino dating for meat would be expected to increase with Carrie 2 1999 latino dating growth, individual intake has tended to level off, and may even decline, at the highest levels of socio-economic status SES Meat in the diet provides an important source of protein and micronutrients, such as iron, zinc, and B-vitamins However, energy-dense diets, purported to be high in meat, fats and sugars, and further compounded by sedentary lifestyle, have been implicated in the growing epidemics of obesity and diet-related chronic diseases Carrie 2 1999 latino dating Evidence suggests vegetarians may be at lower risk for CVD, hypertension, diabetes mellitus, obesity, and cancer Carrie 2 1999 latino dating — Inflammation and oxidative stress have also been linked to intake of meat and disease risk.

Red meat, possibly due to its fat and iron content, may increase inflammation and oxidative stress, but less is known regarding lean and white meats 45 Conversely, intake Carrie 2 1999 latino dating fish has been shown to decrease markers of inflammation and oxidative stress 51 Meat cooking high-temperature, charring and processing techniques, such as smoking, curing, salting or addition of chemical preservatives lead to the formation of Carrie 2 1999 latino dating compounds, such as N -nitroso compounds NOCsheterocyclic amines HCAs and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons PAHs 53 — Exposure to NOCs occurs from both endogenous formation, Carrie 2 1999 latino dating is directly related to red meat intake 56as well as exogenous exposure from nitrite-preserved meats While NOCs are also present in non-meat sources, such as vegetables and fruits 58red meat is a key source of readily available heme iron, which may increase endogenous NOC formation The most robust human evidence is for red and processed meat intake and colorectal cancer 1819 Carrie 2 1999 latino dating, 62 — To date, findings for other major cancers such as prostate, breast, lung, kidney, and pancreatic cancer are less consistent and prospective data for Carrie 2 1999 latino dating cancers are particularly sparse 67 — However, in a comprehensive investigation from a U.

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Carrie 2 1999 latino dating

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Carrie 2 1999 latino dating

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