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Take a break hookup offer code


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Make a post unrelated to T-Mobile - that includes bashing any carrier. Speedtests are only Take a break hookup offer code in the weekly Megathread. Customer Service includes live chat. The sub for employees only. This also works with the buy-one-get-one line free promotion we currently have. You HAVE to activate at these stores, there's no getting around it.

The Take a break hookup offer code line isn't being used at the moment. Is it possible to switch to the One plan, then get the hookup discount and port in 1 line since I assume, I'll be losing the free line when switching to the One plan. Please help me on this. I may be willing to drive Take a break hookup offer code.

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T-Force has told me that there are apparently 80 locations that qualify for the hookup Take a break hookup offer code. They would not provide me a list. They said if I told them a city they would check for eligible locations in the area. Maybe we can crowd source this thing and have people update this list if they find any new cities to add to the list. In a conversation I had with T-Force, I got a very direct "you do not have to port a number to qualify". Shortly after, I also got "All lines that were active at the time of adding the promo must remain active".

I'm also trying to get them to clarify how Take a break hookup offer code tablet lines are handled. If I convert, add a line, and can then never drop any of my lines, I might as well stay on my current plan. I also asked if the promo is only for voice lines, why would tablet lines even matter? Then a later rep told me I did need to port, so I'm ready to port in an old Google Voice number if need be to make this work.

I hear ya on the issue of keeping the discount intact. Since there are no terms and conditions pages I can find, I don't know what I can and can't do in the future, even if I do get the discount squared away. Say I have 5 lines with the hookup promo active, can I add a 6th without losing it?

I didn't even consider porting in a Google voice Take a break Take a break hookup offer code offer code. About 4 hours ago, T-Force 'thanked me for my patience while they look into the promo for me". I guess that if they don't make the terms public, they Take a break hookup offer code make up anything they want later on.

I'm still being told that a port in is not necessary by some reps, and that it is required by some other reps. The only thing they seem to agree on is that a line must be added. I picked up the conversation I was having with T-Force Take a break hookup offer code after they forgot about me last night.

The latest round of answers:. The only line that need stay active forever is the one you add to get the promo. I reiterated my concern about the Take a break hookup offer code and was told they could be canceled after converting without affecting the discount. I can at least verify that the last rep I spoke with told all of that, just like that as well. I have taken the plunge, so we'll see how it shakes out. I will say that needing to only hang on to the line the hookup promo is linked to is much more lenient than I was imaging, so thats nice.

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I had three free table lines on SC before the switch two friday, and 1 this line on us and I was Take a break hookup offer code just as recently as this morning by two confident managers that I would for sure keep all three without issue and free, and that I would lose all three for sure, no question lol so I'm still Take a break hookup offer code on that front, but it doesn't have much to do with hookup.

This is what T-Force told me "For the Hook up, it affects the plan at the account level. Tablets are really treated as an add on to your plan and not part of your Take a break hookup offer code phone plan in my view, so I don't think this confirms if it applies to tablet lines.

Take a break hookup offer code did say it affects things on the account level, so Take a break hookup offer code it does include tablets who knows. I am guessing it would apply to future lines based on that phrasing and the fact that Take a break hookup offer code wouldn't discourage you from adding lines to your account.

I'm sure I'm wrong when I say this, but " at the account level" could be interpreted as covering EIPs as well. I think this is the catch. However, I only pay for 2 of the lines as a voice charge. So, go into your account and check out which lines you are being charged for in the bill summary.

My guess is that if you have 5 lines now, then adding the next line would make Take a break hookup offer code 6th line practically free. It will be close.

20 off t-mobile hookup offer...

T force also just told about Truckee, CA. It's in the middle of nowhere, I'm debating whether I should adventure to the unknown or stay home and wait for blackfriday I'd just fly there. Its getting to be more and more work to get the best deals from TMO these days, kinda feels pretty carrier to me. Granted, it's almost next to Reno, NV Then, you'll get a discount for all of the voice lines on your account. Okay - but then can I cancel my unused other line?

Is anyone having better success with this than I am? I've talked to two eligible stores, five T-Force representatives, and three phone representatives--all are saying that hookup will not count for lines currently on the account if only adding lines.

I wish the terms and conditions of this program would be published somewhere so we could be crystal clear about what the promo is, and how to get it. Anyone know the details of the Truckee, CA location? I tried searching for it with the store locator but nothing comes up.

I'm really debating on taking this trek to PA. OP, this is good for new customers with a single line? Man I'm pissed I had missed out on this in March. You'd have to add a Take a break hookup offer code line. However, I think you'd also qualify for the "add a line, get one free" promotion we currently have going.

The add a line, get one free promo is going on still? I thought that expired in March. Is there a new one? I couldn't find anything online about it. Is not really get one free. Its advertised "two for the price of one".

Thanks for the feedback, OP. I don't need Take a break hookup offer code or 3 lines. I'm just going to pay more attention to this sub, and hope it happens again later looking at iPhone 8, Note 8 or Pixel 2 Damn, why I had to be late to the party?

Question, do you mean that let's say I have 4 lines and I activate 1 line at one of these stores, will all 5 lines receive the discount or only the 5th one. I'm already maxed out at 12 lines It's also a business account, so I'm guessing that won't work either.

When did you switch over? You might be able to Take a break hookup offer code a break hookup offer code it, if it was since last Friday and at the Bloomsburg store, but I cannot Take a break hookup offer code it and Take a break hookup offer code calling customer support and beg them to add it.

Otherwise, add a line at that store, and then you'll qualify. Promotion was not going on at that time. Best bet would be to add a line, and qualify for the promo that way. Our docs say that it's for porting numbers over OR adding a new line to an existing account. So if you want the hookup, Take a break hookup offer code over to State College, PA: Extremely good deal if you require unlimited data.

It's a 1 Take a break hookup offer code straight shot out I I understand I'd have to switch to One, and add another line, which is easy enough. I've even got spare devices to drop a SIM card in for the extra line. But what about the tablets? The Mb line never really gets used at all. The 5Gb line isn't much better. And at least 2 lines would be getting kickback every month.

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