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Guide to hookup a white man


I had no idea how to go about picking up girls in Japan when I first arrived. What follows is a guide on picking up girls in Japan — nothing more, nothing less. It will help you achieve whatever your goals are — from getting laid in Japan for the first time, building a massive harem, or just getting a Japanese girlfriend. This is the resource I wish I had when I first started. Often, one date is all you get — regardless of whether it went well or not. Japanese women are NOT strangers to sex, nor are they shy, virtuous creatures which demand lots of restraint.

Imagining you will arrive on these shores as a masculine god and blow away the competition offered by seemingly timid and sexually ambivalent Japanese men is simply a delusion.

As a major metropolis where there is despite what you may have heard no shortage of available, successful, sexually aggressive Japanese men, the most attractive women — the cream of the crop — are overflowing with suitable dating matches. Western pickup materials like RSD also often miss the mark when it comes to picking up Guide to hookup a white man in Japan, giving misleading teachings which actually HURT you more than help you.

While much of their mindset advice can be on point, some technical applications — while helpful in the West — are actually harmful if applied directly in Japan. Time is your friend. The more time you spend with a girl, the higher your chances are.

Taking your time more often than not will end up with the girl fading herself out or abruptly stopping contact without explanation. Instead, gun for the lay and add value after the fact to keep them around.

Hot, high quality girls will rarely, if ever, stop for you if you get in their way or upon the open. Instead, walk with them. Waiting until the club closes to pull the girl home. Instead, pull hard before the club closes. Touching the girl quickly and often will usually put her on the defensive.

Personal space bubbles are smaller in Japan, but more rigid. There is no hugging culture, and body contact is minimal, even among friends and family. Save your overt kino escalation for when you are isolated with the girl. While Japanese women are no strangers to sexuality, most people speak far less about sex to strangers in Japan. Focus on your own masculine polarity instead — voice tone, body language, leadership.

Everything else will follow. There are hundreds of Guide to hookup a white man small examples Guide to hookup a white man you get the point. Much of the pickup advice from the West should stay in the West — it simply does not apply.

Other things, especially mindset related — such as abundance, momentum, self-improvement, taking action, reframing, etc, are still applicable. There are generally three types of women in Japan, and each of these groups have pretty rigid Guide to hookup a white Guide to hookup a white man though the odd exception might pop up here or there.

Sometimes they want to get married, but more recently they often simply want to continue their career. Most foreigners Guide to hookup a white man up with this type of girl. Beautiful lower to middle class girls will be lured away from University by certain kinds of opportunity. In Guide to hookup a white man school, where the Type A girls are studying hard, Type B girls quickly realize they can get money, boys, and pretty much anything they want simply by the grace Guide to hookup a white man their good looks.

Since their reality is Guide to hookup a white man farthest from foreigners, most foreigners without a deep understanding of their values and circumstance as well as decent Japanese have a harder time getting these kinds of girls. Similarly, many of these girls lack any deep interest in foreign things and have little English ability. As we have already discussed, they receive constant validation and are incessantly badgered for their time, attention, and bodies by men and women around them who want various things from them, from modeling or working at their kyaba or girls Guide to hookup a white man, to sex.

As such, we need to both understand what kind of men they associate with, as well as how to cut through the noise of other men and their lives to get them out on dates and sleep with them.

Maybe you have a specific...

Fashion, Entertainment music, TV, celebritiesRelationships platonic, romantic, and familialTravel within and outside of Japanand Food. Are you taking notes? The more you demonstrate an ability to fluently and interestingly ask, intuit, and expand on these topics and their application in Japan, the faster you will be able Guide to hookup a white man relate to girls who may have no other interest in foreigners.

Personally, I find that good game is best cultivated in a wide variety of areas. Make more approaches, get better results. That said, it is a Guide to hookup a white man of constant work. The single most important thing to realize with cold approach is that men wrongly feel the need for a context to talk to Guide to hookup a white man. Many beginners to cold approach spend tons of brainpower, worrying, and effort trying to make a context for their approach.

The most common examples are asking for directions or asking to read a kanji. In reality, wanting to get to know the girl is a valid enough reason to talk to her — you Guide to hookup a white man no other reason!

If you feel Guide to hookup a white man you are guilty of trying to fabricate some any! Trust me, girls will appreciate your honesty. The less apologetic you are about your approach, the more you will succeed.

Another way of thinking about this is as a sense of duty. It is your duty as Guide to hookup a white man man to approach women who Guide to hookup a white man your loins.

Gunning for Sex

Society is Guide to hookup a white man on men taking the lead, and those who can do this end up with the dime pieces, and those who sit on their ass Guide to hookup a white man for women to come to them or be introduced to them when the stars align end up settling for mediocre partners.

Picking up girls through cold approach is a method fraught with rejection. Guide to hookup a white man reject you for all variety of reasons, many of which have nothing to do with you. Rejections are both personal and totally impersonal. In other words, girls may reject your approach because: As you can see, there are a TON of reasons why you might get rejected when picking up girls, and many have nothing to do with you.

Look deep inside yourself and determine if you are horribly affected by rejections, and if so implement the following procedures: Put it out of your head. The 3 girls I remembered are the ones who were both really Guide to hookup a white man type and went well.

In some sense, it is lying to yourself, but in another sense, it is taking control of your interpretation of the world. If you find yourself burning out or getting worn down by rejection after rejection, try to use this tactic. Sometimes, approach with the sole goal of making her smile. Therefore, some girls who are rejecting you are rejecting you because the two of you genuinely do not have affinity and would not be a good couple, no matter how hot she is.

I'm a black woman who's...

Both of you would be Guide to hookup a white man. This is doing you a favor. If you genuinely like a girl and she rejects you, own it. Right action means approaching women who really inspire you. Right action means going for the pull if you like the girl. Trust me, I know the temptation is there. I have done these things before myself. But it never helps you feel better and it pollutes the cold approach environment — the next time that girl gets cold approached, the less likely she is to open up.

Remember, we live in a world with direct consequences on each other. It takes a strong man to smile and wave goodbye, totally unaffected by girls calling you kimoi or saying gaijin muri and giving Guide to hookup a white man dirty looks. Hopefully, these tips give you a bunch of Guide to hookup a white man on how to prevent rejection from mentally affecting you that much. At the end of the day, game is largely fought internally.

You are trying to beat back your weak self which is full of excuses, rationalization, and Guide to hookup a white man, and bring out your powerful, masculine self which is forged in right action, positivity, mutual respect, value, and fun. Guide to hookup a white man IPs, girls are preselected to be interested in foreigners, at least peripherally, so your work is considerably easier.

In terms of IP strategy, float around the party talking casually to everyone. If you consistently Guide to hookup a white man really high quality girls who you have deep affinity with at IPs, then by all means keep going. Otherwise, build some momentum and get some regulars and shift your game to other, harder venues. If you get tired of constant rejections on the streets, head back to the occasional IP, but you should always be trying to improve and move into bigger pools.

You never want to be the big fish in the small kiddy pool. On the Guide to hookup a white Guide to hookup a white man side, whenever you see someone doing really well, learn from them! Tinder, Happn, Skout, Gyaruru, Pairs, Omiai, Language exchange sites, etc can be great ways for guys who have a lot of social anxiety or AA to fling out a ton of invitations and practice making small talk over text.

Instead, let some mystery about you draw the girl in. Your profile pictures are of utmost importance in online Guide to hookup a white man, so make sure to have good pictures — the best photos are Guide to hookup a white man by a professional or at least someone with a good camera and some basic touching up in Photoshop or Lightroom.

Some good rules of thumb are: If you decide to include more than the basic three pictures I mentioned above, make sure each new photo tells a new story. Better to have Guide to hookup a white man few than too many. I find that pictures is enough, and 5 is too many. On Tinder and other hook-up apps, you need to make your first message intriguing enough to catch her attention over all the other guys out there spamming her Guide to hookup a white man. Try a few of these opening lines for starters: From there, Guide to hookup a white man can send more media pictures, for exampleand it builds investment on her part.

Proceed with your invite as usual. After IPs and Online, Bars tend to be the easiest and least threatening venues for foreign guys. In bars, Guide to hookup a white man are already preselected to be interested in, or at least expectant of socialization with strangers. However, HUB is a huge staple for a great many guys.

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