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Elucidating words crosswords


A crossword is a word puzzle that usually takes the form of Elucidating words crosswords square or a rectangular grid Elucidating words crosswords white-and black-shaded squares. The game's goal is to fill the white squares with lettersforming words or phrasesby solving clues, which lead to the answers.

In languages that are written left-to-right, the answer words and phrases are placed Elucidating words crosswords the grid from left to right and from top to bottom. The shaded squares are used to separate the words or phrases. Crossword grids such as those appearing in most North American newspapers and magazines feature solid areas of white squares. Elucidating words crosswords letter is checked i. In Elucidating words crosswords puzzles shaded squares are typically limited to about one-sixth of the total.

For example, if the top row has an answer running all the way across, there will often be no across answers in the second row. Another tradition in puzzle design in North America, India, and Britain particularly is that the grid should have degree rotational also known as "radial" symmetryso that its pattern appears the same if the paper is Elucidating words crosswords upside down.

Most puzzle designs also require that all white cells be orthogonally contiguous that is, connected in one mass through shared sides, to form a single polyomino.

The design of Japanese crossword grids often follows two additional rules: The "Swedish-style" grid picture crosswords uses no clue numbers, as the clues are contained in the cells which do not contain answers. Arrows indicate in which direction the clues have to be answered: This style of grid is also used in several countries other than Sweden, often in magazines, but also in daily newspapers.

The grid often has one or more photos replacing a Elucidating words crosswords of squares as a clue to one or several answers, for example, the name Elucidating words crosswords a pop star, or some kind of rhyme or phrase that can be associated with the photo.

Elucidating words crosswords puzzles usually have no Elucidating words crosswords in the grid but instead often have a common theme literature, music, nature, geography, events of a Elucidating words crosswords year, etc.

Substantial variants from the usual forms exist. Two of the common ones are barred crosswords, which use bold lines between squares instead Elucidating words crosswords shaded squares Elucidating words crosswords separate answers, and circular Elucidating words crosswords, with answers entered either radially or in concentric circles.

Clue: Elucidating words. Elucidating words...

Grids forming shapes other than squares are also occasionally used. Puzzles are often one of several standard sizes. The New York Times Elucidating words crosswords also set a common pattern for Elucidating words crosswords crosswords by increasing in difficulty throughout the week: Their larger Sunday puzzle is Elucidating words crosswords the same level of difficulty as a weekday-size Thursday puzzle.

Typically clues appear outside the grid, divided into an Across list and a Down list; the first cell of each entry contains a number referenced by the clue lists. For example, the answer to a clue labeled "17 Down" is entered with the first letter in the cell numbered "17", proceeding down from there. Numbers are almost never repeated; numbered cells are numbered consecutively, Elucidating words crosswords from left to right across each row, starting with the Elucidating words crosswords row and proceeding downward.

Some Japanese crosswords are numbered from top to bottom down each column, starting with the leftmost column and proceeding right. Capitalization of answer letters is conventionally ignored; crossword puzzles are typically Elucidating words crosswords Elucidating words crosswords, and their answer sheets are almost universally published, in Elucidating words crosswords capsexcept in the rare cases Elucidating words crosswords ambigrams.

This ensures a proper name can have its initial capital letter checked with a non-capitalizable letter in the intersecting clue.

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Diacritical Elucidating words crosswords in foreign loanwords or foreign-language words appearing in English-language puzzles are ignored for similar reasons. Some crossword Elucidating words crosswords, called straight or quick Elucidating words crosswordsare simple definitions of the answers. Some clues may feature anagramsand these are usually explicitly described as such. Often, a straight clue is not in itself sufficient Elucidating words crosswords distinguish between several possible answers, either because multiple synonymous answers may fit or because the clue itself is a homonym e.

In most American-style crosswords, the majority of the clues in the puzzle are straight clues, [2] with the remainder being one of the other types described below. Crossword clues are generally consistent with the solutions.

For instance, clues and their solutions should always agree in tense, number, and degree. In the hands of any but the most skilled constructors, the constraints of the American-style grid in which every letter is checked usually require a fair number of answers not to be dictionary words. As a result, the following ways to clue abbreviations and other non-words, although they can be found in "straight" British crosswords, are much more common in American ones:.

As an example, the New York Times crossword of April 26, by Sarah Keller, edited by Will Shortzfeatured five themed entries ending in the different parts of a tree: The above is an example of a category theme, where the theme elements are all members of the Elucidating words crosswords set.

Other types of themes include:. Another unusual theme requires the solver to use the Elucidating words crosswords to a clue as Elucidating words crosswords clue. The answer to that clue is the real solution. Many puzzles feature clues involving Elucidating words crosswords which are to be taken metaphorically or in some sense other than their literal meaning, requiring some form of lateral thinking.

Depending on the puzzle creator or the editor, this might Elucidating words crosswords represented either with a question mark at the end of the clue or Elucidating words crosswords a modifier such as "maybe" or "perhaps".

In more difficult puzzles, the indicator may be Elucidating words crosswords, increasing ambiguity between a literal meaning and a wordplay meaning. In Elucidating words crosswords crosswords, the clues are puzzles in themselves.

A typical clue contains both a definition at the Elucidating words crosswords or end of the clue and wordplay, which provides a way to manufacture the word indicated by the definition, and which may not parse logically. Cryptics usually give the length of their answers in parentheses after the clue, which is especially useful with multi-word answers.

Clue: Elucidating words

Certain signs indicate different forms of wordplay. Solving cryptics is harder to learn than standard crosswords, as learning to interpret the different types of cryptic Elucidating words crosswords can take some practice.

In Great Britain and throughout much of the Commonwealthcryptics of varying degrees of difficulty are featured in many newspapers. There are several types of wordplay used in cryptics. One is straightforward Elucidating words Elucidating words crosswords substitution using parts of a word.

The explanation is that to import means "to bring into the country", Elucidating words crosswords "worker" is a worker antand "significant" means important. Here, "significant" is the straight definition appearing here at the end of the clue"to bring worker into the country" is the wordplay definition, and "may prove" serves to Elucidating words crosswords the two.

Crossword clues for 'ELUCIDATE'

Note that in a cryptic clue, there is almost always only one answer that fits both the definition and the wordplay, so that when one sees the answer, one knows Elucidating words crosswords it is the right answer—although it can sometimes be a challenge to figure out why Elucidating words crosswords is the right answer.

A good cryptic clue should provide a fair and exact definition of the answer, while at the same time being deliberately misleading. Another type of wordplay used in cryptics is the use of homophones.

For example, the clue Elucidating words crosswords few, we hear, add up 3 " is the clue for SUM. The Elucidating words crosswords definition is "add up", meaning "totalize". The solver Elucidating words crosswords guess that "we hear" indicates a homophoneand so a homophone of a synonym of "A few" "some" is the answer.

Other words relating to sound or hearing can be used to signal the presence of a homophone clue e. The double meaning is commonly used as another form of wordplay. This is the only type of cryptic clue without wordplay—both parts of the clue are a straight definition.

Cryptics often include anagramsas well. The clue "Ned T. The straight definition is "is rather bland", and the word "cooked" is a hint to the solver that this clue is an anagram the letters have been "cooked", or jumbled up.

Ignoring all punctuation, "Ned T. Besides "cooked", other common hints that the clue contains an anagram are words such as "scrambled", "mixed up", Elucidating words crosswords, "baked", or "twisted". Embedded Elucidating words crosswords are another common trick in cryptics. The straight definition is "bigotry", and the wordplay explains itself, indicated by the word "take" since one word "takes" another: Another common clue type is the "hidden clue" or "container", where the answer is hidden in the text of the clue itself.

The answer is written in the clue: There are numerous other forms of wordplay found in cryptic Elucidating words crosswords. Backwards words can be indicated Elucidating words crosswords words like "climbing", "retreating", or "ascending" depending on whether it is an across Elucidating words crosswords or a down clue or by directional indicators such as "going North" meaning upwards or "West" right-to-left ; letters can be replaced Elucidating words crosswords removed with indicators such as "nothing rather than excellence" meaning replace E in a word with O ; the letter I Elucidating words crosswords be indicated by "me" or "one;" the Elucidating words crosswords O can be indicated by "nought", "nothing", Elucidating words crosswords, or "a ring" since it visually resembles one Elucidating words crosswords the letter X might be clued as "a cross", or "ten" as in the Roman numeralor "an illiterate's signature", or "sounds like your old flame" homophone for "ex".

With the different types of wordplay and definition possibilities, the composer of a cryptic Elucidating words crosswords is presented with many different possible ways Elucidating words crosswords clue a given answer.

Most desirable are clues that are clean but Elucidating words crosswords, with a smooth surface reading that is, the resulting clue Elucidating words crosswords as natural a phrase as possible. The Usenet newsgroup rec. In principle, each cryptic clue is usually sufficient to define its answer uniquely, so it should be Elucidating words crosswords to answer each clue without use of the grid. In practice, the use Elucidating words crosswords checks is an important aid to the solver.

Some Elucidating words crosswords designers have started including a metapuzzle, or "meta" for short: The designer usually includes a hint to the metapuzzle. The solution to the meta is a similar phrase in which the middle word is "or": Some puzzle grids contain more than one correct answer for the same set of clues.

In the 'Quick' crossword in The Daily Telegraph newspaper Sunday and Daily, UKit has become a convention also to make the first few words usually two or three, but can be more into a phrase. For example, " Dimmer, Allies " would make " Demoralise " or " You, ill, never, walk, alone " would become " You'll never walk alone ".

This generally aids solvers in that if they have one of the words then Elucidating words crosswords can attempt to guess the phrase. This has also become popular among other British newspapers. Sometimes newspapers publish one grid that can be filled by solving either of two lists of clues — usually a straight and a cryptic.

The solutions given by the two lists may be different, in which case the solver must decide at the outset which list they are going Elucidating words crosswords follow, or the solutions may be identical, in which case the straight clues offer additional help for a solver having difficulty with the cryptic clues. Usually the straight clue matches the straight part of the cryptic clue, but this is Elucidating words crosswords Elucidating words crosswords the case.

Every issue of GAMES Magazine contains a large crossword with a double clue list, under Elucidating words crosswords title The World's Most Ornery Crossword ; both lists are straight and arrive at the same solution, but one list is significantly Elucidating words crosswords challenging Elucidating words crosswords the other. The solver is prompted to fold a page in half, showing the grid and the hard clues; the easy clues are tucked inside the fold, to be referenced if the solver gets stuck.

A variant of the double-clue list is commonly called Siamese Twins: Determining which clue is to be applied to which grid is part of the puzzle.

Any type of puzzle may contain cross-referenceswhere the answer to one clue forms part of another clue, in Elucidating words crosswords it is referred to by number and direction. When an answer is composed of multiple or hyphenated words, some crosswords especially in Britain indicate the structure of the answer.

For example, " Elucidating words crosswords " after a clue indicates that the answer is composed of a three-letter word followed Elucidating words crosswords a five-letter word. Most American-style crosswords do not provide this information.

A crossword is a powwow puzzle that usually takes the form of a square or a rectangular grid of white-and black-shaded squares. The game's ideal is to fill the white squares with letters , forming words or phrases , by solving clues, which lead to the answers. In languages that are written left-to-right, the answer words and phrases are placed in the grid from progressive to right and from top to bottom. The shaded squares are employed to separate the words or phrases.

Crossword grids such as those appearing in most North American newspapers and magazines put into the limelight solid areas of immaculate squares. Every letter is checked i. In such puzzles shaded squares are typically limited to on every side one-sixth of the overall. For example, if the top row has an answer running all the way across, there hand down often be no opposite answers in the promote row.

Stressed/depressed vs Losing interest..what's the difference? Elucidate? Find the answer to the crossword clue Elucidate. 1 answer to this clue. A crossword is a word puzzle that usually takes the form of a square or a rectangular grid of .. The answer could be elucidated as APART(HE)ID. Another ..

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Elucidating words crosswords

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Search for clues, synonyms, words, anagrams or if you already have some letters enter the letters here using a question mark or full-stop in place of any you don't know e. We've listed any clues from our database that match your search. There will also be a list of synonyms for your answer. The synonyms have been arranged depending on the number of charachters so that they're easy to find. If a particular answer is generating a lot of interest on the site today, it may be highlighted in orange.

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Elucidate - Crossword Clue

  • Elucidating words -- Find potential answers to this crossword clue at
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