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Ronson lighter dating

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Want to buy or sell something? Check Ronson lighter dating classifieds New Posts Classifieds. Thread galleries are live! Please let us know what you think of them in the thread in the Observation Bar. Can you guys please help Ronson lighter dating date this?

Jul 10, 1. Years back, my friend's father did contracting work and would occasionally do house clean-outs as well. We'd go along for the ride sometimes just to have something to do. Well, on one particular house clean-out, we were in the basement taking out boxes. The house had already been vacated and the previous owner left a lot of things in there to trash. I came across Ronson lighter dating box of lighters, most without any fluid.

They were all typical bic lighters, Ronson lighter dating kind you'd find in any drugstore. But this one caught Ronson lighter dating eye Ronson lighter dating I grabbed it before it went out Ronson lighter dating trash.

I only grabbed it because it looked different than all the others. This was years before I'd ever gotten into vintage or anything. Well, fast forward to present day. I know it's vintage and that it's a Ronson lighter, but I can't seem to lock down a year on it. I looked online but most Ronson lighters looked much different than this. I apologize for the photo, I couldn't seem to photograph it exactly the way I wanted Jul 10, 2. Take it to one of your bigger antique stores. They'll probably have something similar, if not a good knowledge of lighters.

The last time I Ronson lighter dating one with that style striking mechanism I don't know the proper term in an antique store, and the tag stated it was from The rest of the lighter was very different, though. I'm sure Ronson lighter dating information doesn't narrow anything down significantly.

Jul 10, 3. It does look Deco to me, I'm thinking 20s or 30s but what do I know about dating Ronson lighter dating lighter? Jul 10, 4. I've seen that exact same lighter model at one of Ronson lighter Ronson lighter dating local holiday weekend fleamarkets.

If the lighter guy still has it, I'll ask Ronson lighter dating. You might find your answer before then though, I think the next one is labor day. He's one of those guys who doesn't price his stuff in his display cases, which bugs me so I've usually avoided him.

Jul 11, 5. I have five Ronson lighters like that one. I'm surprised that you haven't been able Ronson lighter dating find anything online. There are many lighter collecting websites, and some dedicated to Ronsons. I know that many of the websites are heavy on images and light on information.

The lighter you have looks like a Ronson De-Light "Standard" or "Princess" from the mid- to lates, but I can't say for certain. The lighter should have Ronson lighter dating model name and patent number printed Ronson lighter dating the bottom.

The model name and patent number can help Ronson lighter dating date the lighter. Jul 11, 6. The patent on the bottom says this: Jul 11, 7. First and foremost, what you have is a nice Ronson lighter dating with vintage class. You didn't say in what year you acquired it and that would be helpful in determining its age; but, judging from the condition, I'd say take that year as a base and deduct at least 10 years.

The patent numbers will definitely help, but I don't have any references on that. Ronson lighter dating didn't ask for an appraisal, but let me say my only concern from a what's-its-value standpoint is the apparent amount of wear and tear. Also, does it work? It is not Art Deco. That's a term that some people seem willing to apply to anything from the 20s or 30s that happens to Ronson lighter dating silver in Ronson lighter dating. And Ronson lighter dating should never be applied to anything made after There Ronson lighter dating a difference between true, vintage Deco and "Deco-inspired"; and Decophiles will bow up Ronson lighter dating you on that.

To qualify as Deco to a collector, an item needs to show at least one subtle or quite prominent element of commonly-accepted Deco-design aspects: These are some examples, but certainly not an all-inclusive list. The three lighters in the middle of Ronson lighter dating picture would come closer to qualifying as Deco for that reason. An argument could be made that they are all Machine Age lighters; but I think that, Ronson lighter dating, is a stretch.

Just being machine made or machined in the process won't get something automatic respect from those collectors either. Your lighter's value will lie in the eye of its beholder. Collectors of vintage lighters would surely pay more than required. Someone who just appreciates vintage items do we know anyone like that around here? A Deco collector would simply pass it up. If your lighter works, I'd encourage you to carry it -- though not take up smoking this advice coming from an avid cigar lover as a habit.

In any other situation where the gift of fire is needed, it will make a better impression than whipping out a Bic!!! Just find the right buyer. Jul 11, 8.

Jul 11, 9. I believe Miss Neecerie has nailed it!

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Jul 11, Thank you all very much for the info! I'm not looking to sell the lighter or anything. I definitely want to keep it! My main interest is just to lock down a Ronson lighter dating year s that the lighter was made. Both of my Ronson "Standard" lighters bear those patent numbers. I have attached an image of the first page of the patent, No.

The patent is Ronson lighter dating the Ronson "Banjo" lighter. The original patent, No. The patent Ronson lighter dating reissued as No. Therefore, your lighter was made after My other Ronson lighters, the "Maximus," the "Triumph," and the "Whirlwind" bear different or additional patents that help date when the lighters were made.

It could be as late as the 50's or 60's, but it's still a nice object. The trick to getting those babies to work is Ronson lighter dating hold the side over the wick Ronson lighter dating tightly while you build up force with your thumb on the other side. This makes the metal striker thingy move faster againts the flint, and gives a better spark to ignite the wick.

I wonder where you can get wicks, flints and fuel for those babies now. The Ronson lighter dating couldn't have been made later than the early s. The patent on the lighter, No.

Lighters made after that date wouldn't have been marked with an expired patent number.

Ronson Lighters

The story behind the Congressional patent extension is pretty interesting. A Historical Perspective" by Tyler T. I copied the text in a block quote without the footnotesrather than try to paraphrase it.

On remand, however, the defendant was permitted to amend its answer to allege inequitable conduct byArt Metal Works. The district court rejected the defense; but on appeal the Second Circuit, in an opinion by Judge Martin T. Manton, held that the plaintiff had affirmatively misrepresented the scope of the prior decision, and denied all relief on that basis. At the same time, a third lighter manufactured by Evans was held to be non-infringing.

Five years later, inJudge Manton resigned his office and was convicted of conspiracy to obstruct justice and to defraud the United States, based in part upon his having solicited money from Evans in return Ronson lighter dating favorable decisions on the two appeals.

On motion of Art Metal Works, the two decisions were vacated and reargued, with Art Metal Works prevailing in both cases. Despite ultimately having prevailed, Art Metal Works successfully argued to Congress that the seven-year delay between the original finding of infringement in and the decisions on re-argument of the Second Circuit in warranted a patent term extension of seven Ronson lighter dating. It shows that even Ronson lighter dating objects Ronson lighter dating a lighter can have an interesting Ronson lighter dating behind them.

Patents can be very helpful in determining the date an item was Ronson lighter dating. Patents can be looked up very easily at the U.