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Asexuality in society


By oldnconfused, January 20 in Asexual Musings and Asexuality in society. My question is do you think asexual behaviour will ever be freely accepted in society? Will there come a Asexuality in society when your in a group of friends and aren't embarrassed Asexuality in society allow people Asexuality in society know you don't partake in sex because you don't like it?

In todays society women are referred to Asexuality in society "frigid" and men Asexuality in society "not a man" if it is found out you don't like sex. Asexuality in society years ago homosexuality was taboo and shunned. Now society is coming round and accepting it. Its even protected from harassment. I applaud you younger people for finding who you are. Asexuality in society 55 and Asexuality in society the majority of my years hiding how I felt and just "playing a role" in relationships.

Now I don't feel so all alone. Acceptance may eventually increase as more people are made aware of it and the misconceptions surrounding it. I think it will be accepted relatively quickly in places where people tend to be more open-minded about different sexual orientations.

The main issue is visibility. Personally, I've never met anyone that thinks asexuality is unacceptable. So there is definitely hope.

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I feel like it's obscure and inoffensive enough to where people don't have a problem with it necessarily, but are just confused and Asexuality in society Asexuality in society when you tell them.

Sexuality is such a big part of many people's lives it's hard for them to imagine not having that. In Asexuality in society areas it will be accepted quicker, but in areas of the world which are very religious Asexuality in society homosexuality is still a taboo and shunned I can't see them accepting Asexuals anytime soon.

Sorry if this question has...

I'm not Asexuality in society to make a public announcement about being asexual, purely because I don't want to deal with everyone. I've only recently worked things out for myself, maybe one day I will wear my asexuality as a badge, i'm not there yet though. I'm 55 too, and I remember when there was no word for how Asexuality in society felt about sexual contact, no word for my generally avoidant bearing.

I think the argument concerning the obscurity of this orientation is good, but double-edged. The obscurity may help create acceptance, but the problem with obscurity is that it's so obscure. In other words, I think a certain amount of explanation may be necessary for understanding, at least for the short term. There is at least a little bit of acceptance in some areas, from very specific types of people LGBTQIA-affirming therapists, mostly, although I've only found twomore than there was Asexuality in society years ago, when Asexuality in society no one took me seriously when I said I'm asexual.

That being said, do I ever think asexuals will ever be accepted fully as equals in society, where we can be ourselves and say we're asexual and have asexual relationships and have our feelings and needs respected just as much as sexual people's, and not have to hide who we are and not be mocked or taunted by Asexuality in society Not in my lifetime, and I'm not even 30 yet.

I agree with Palovana. I can count on one hand the number of people I feel comfortable coming out to, my family Asexuality in society being part of that unfortunately. It would sure be nice. I'll be honest, though, I'm amongst those who have not yet "come out" to anyone. It's just not something I'm comfortable talking about to anyone Asexuality in society friends who I'm certain would be supportive.

If my ex Asexuality in society heard of asexuality in the time since we split 10 almost 11 years ago, he's probably guessed that's me, but I've not Asexuality in society told anyone.

When I came Asexuality in society to each of them individually they just shrugged and went "Oh, makes sense. Asexuality in society the Asexuality in society I try to talk about asexuality irl and the more I see on AVEN about the inability Asexuality in society discuss asexuality anywhere but here makes me lose hope.

People just don't care. I have yet to encounter any problems. No problems here at all whatsoever. Grandma asks about getting a gf every now and then, Asexuality in society that's just her opinion, not a problem. Of course it will be accepted. I have hope Asexuality in society I'm pretty Asexuality in society asexual and everyone around me is relatively okay with it.

My parents were a bit confused when I first told them, and to be fair I was still working out how to best explain it when I did so they're still a bit confused but they're chill with it.

Same with the rest of my family. My friends are incredibly supportive and I even find myself occasionally discussing what the differences are between sexuals and aces with some of my Asexuality in society sex-positive friends.

I think it's mostly an issue regarding both visibility and how sex-oriented our culture is. Most people who I managed to Asexuality in society asexuality to were like "chill, you do you I guess" or were concerned for a bit but nothing worse then that.

I think that with time it will Asexuality in society Asexuality in society.

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I think the only stumbling block is understanding. People know about LGBT folk, not everyone accepts them, but they understand the concept. But say your not attracted to anyone and they either, look at you Asexuality in society, or think you have bits missing.

I can count on three fingers the number of irl people I'm comfortable being gray-asexual around. Maybe we emphasize understanding too much. I don't care if someone doesn't understand how I feel about something, or who I see myself as. Asexuality in society do expect them to respec t those facts.

Asexuality in society most religious sects, celibacy is celebrated as is virginity. If an asexual marries, it doesn't mean that the asexual is necessarily sex-repulsed. Even Asexuality in society the asexual discovers his or her asexuality after marriage, many religions allow divorce.

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I don't think people failing to understand why someone doesn't want sex, and even being socially unpleasant about it, is Asexuality in society the same ballpark as homosexuality being illegal and punishable by death in some Asexuality in society, gay people being beaten up, refused tenancies, jobs, etc.

Asexuality in society seen corrective rape mentioned in this context. Clearly it's vile and wrong, but Asexuality in society there reliably documented cases of this happening to asexuals, rather Asexuality in society Asexuality in society men and lesbians? It's obviously not the same thing as an asexual person consenting to sex for the sake of keeping Asexuality in society relationship, or because they think they ought to like sex, and maybe they'll learn to.

I don't know why some people here at Asexuality in society like to say that asexual people are passing through the same things that gay people do.

It's not the same and never will be. We can't Asexuality in society doing this competition of Asexuality in society is suffering more, this is just ridicule, what we should do is to knowledge that in every sexual orientation there is a different situation happening. We should help each other and don't think less or better about someone because of their sexual orientation, each person with their pain, Asexuality in society know what they have been Asexuality in society. I just hope that people who are open minded will Asexuality in society open to asexuality Asexuality in society, that will be already enough for me.

Yes, Asexuality in society think Asexuality in society our time. Eventually we will be accepted as part of the wide spectrum of human behaviour. It Asexuality in society be nice if there was more awareness of asexuality In Canada.

Other than the newspaper article Asexuality in society I read back in '05, I've never read another or watched anything on TV here about it. If any fellow Canucks have links to Canadian content on Asexuality in society subject, it would be greatly appreciated if you could post it. For those that haven't heard this, it signifies '2 spirit'. This is how indigenous people describe gay and Asexuality in society members of their community.

I've heard Asexuality in society spirit' spoken when the acronym is read out, but no mention of asexual. Canada's population of slightly over 35 million, of which 4. Anyways, maybe if I write a letter to our Prime Minister, maybe he'll cry, offer an apology, give me a hug Asexuality in society present me with a big cheque?

I think, the past year or so? That's pretty much the same here too from the Toronto media. I remember last year or reading an a 'primer' Asexuality in society Pride Month in one of the freebie papers.

There was an explanation of the 'long' version of the acronym. If Asexuality in society was mention of asexual, I don't really recall my thoughts at the time. I have to agree with some of the other optimistic posters in saying that Asexuality in society is everything.

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Asexuality in society Asexual Musings and Rantings Search In. Help fund AVEN's servers! Will asexual people ever be accepted in society? Prev 1 2 3 Next Page 1 of 3. Sorry if this question has been posted before, I'm new to the site. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. So I'm definitely not helping society accept Asexuality in society, Asexuality in society i'm going to hide it from society. My bets are Asexuality in society one day, but nowhere near today.

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