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PTT and Voice not working. PTT and Voice not working Collapse.

Hi, can someone tell me...

Search in Battle Royale General only. PTT and Voice not working My voice chat has completely stopped working. I have Just dating ptt hours in game with voice working and all of a sudden after a game voice stopped working. My issue isn't like the others posted on the forums. My Push To Talk key bind never disappeared, there was never an issue with being Just dating ptt to set it up.

It was Just dating ptt up before and the binds stayed Just dating ptt same. I've tried the solution to the other issue but Just dating ptt didn't fix anything. I've tried verifying the game Just dating ptt no luck. Just dating ptt my mic works fine, discord has no issues detecting voice, as well as other applications. It's only Fortnite that just isn't picking up my mic. It had worked previously, but just one day stopped working.

Last edited Just dating ptt blazeit ; Is anyone else having this issue or can a dev speak on this?

PTT signalled its determination to...

Just dating ptt push to talk hotkey exists and Just dating ptt bound, however when pressed held in-game nothing happens. If I turn off PTT voice chat will work but that is annoying.

Just dating ptt. .

I'm having this issue as well. It's very annoying and nothing I've tried has worked. Originally posted by Chickuh View Post.

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One day stopped working in Fortnite and still doesn't work. Nothing happens despite being bound and mic selected in audio settings.

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